Gig Review: Bush at The Waterfront, Norwich, 23 Sept 2017

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An exhilarating and intimate evening of front row British rock.

Over twenty-five years Bush have released seven studio albums and have been described as alternative rock, grunge, post-grunge, and hard rock, and although lead-singer, Gavin Rossdale, descended from the British rock scene of the 90s, Bush has been but a whisper here in comparison to North America, where they achieved top chart spots for the majority of the 90s. Bush took a hiatus after the release of Golden State (2001). However, In 2010, the band reformed and released The Sea of Memories, touring with Nickelback in 2012. Finally, after many years away from the UK, Bush returned as part of their European Tour, and they didn’t disappoint. 

A couple of bars of ‘Everything Zen’ and the crowd go insane. Bush started as they meant to go on. This is old skool rock, with a fundamentally old skool crowd. There was expectancy, there was high energy, there were super-fans and there were father’s introducing their teenage kids to the vocals of Gavin Rossdale, and the talents of Chris Traynor, Corey Britz, and Robin Goodridge.

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